Finally, a course focused on YOU!

Achieve more than you ever imagined possible. 

Over 4,000 students and young adults have experienced the "Build YOUR Roadmap" process.  

  • Build your confidence 
  • Discover your unique strengths
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Learn how to manage your fears
  • Learn how to manage today's world
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Reduce anxiety and fear

This course is designed to:

1. Help you confidently build, manage, and create your future. 

2. Help you live a peaceful, fulfilling and happy life full of purpose and success (however YOU define success).

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A message from Jeff

What to expect...

No two people are the same.  

Life will present each of us with a unique combination of events, moments and experiences.  That's the way it is.  

We all benefit when we have a plan for ourselves that we believe in and we're passionate to pursue with confidence.  

You will enjoy a mix of quick educational information coupled with practical exercises that will help you focus on identifying your unique strengths, creating a vision that's authentic to you, identifying goals and steps to accomplish that vision, and empowering you with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision become a reality.

In the process, you will learn how to manage fears with increased confidence and reduce anxiety in the pursuit of your dreams.

When you finish the course, you'll have:

  • An organized plan for achieving personal success.  
  • A "roadmap" unique to you.

The best part is there's no right or wrong to this course.  Just do the work.

You'll feel more enthusiastic and confident about your future than you ever have.

Build YOUR Roadmap, Create YOUR World!

"Life isn't about finding your purpose. Life is about creating your purpose."

What people are saying...

"This could have a massive global impact."

~ Katy Robinson, a Mom and Teacher

"I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for strategy to find meaningful direction and make big things happen."

"This curriculum levels the playing field"

~ Eric Dazey, Dean of Students

"It doesn't matter who you are. It starts with where you're at currently and walks you through a process of defining where you want to go."

"I figured out my Unique Strengths"

~ Kenzie Williams, a 25-year old

"The course helped me create a vision that I'm passionate about pursuing. I feel like I'm now on a path to reaching my ultimate self."

"It helped me to see what is possible."

~ High School Student

"I learned what kind of person I want to become. It helped me organize my thoughts. It helped me see how to deal with disappointments in life."

"Increased focus and self-awareness"

~ Blake Sheppard, College Student

"I now hold myself more accountable to making the most out of my opportunities. This curriculum helps you to focus and pursue your dreams."

"I discovered my purpose"

~Betsy Reed, Business Leader

"I use the Build YOUR Roadmap steps every day leading one of the fastest growing companies in the country."

"Incredibly Motivating"

~ Alison Milleman, Business Leader

"This completely reframed how I think about my future and what's possible."

"Skills for the 21st Century"

~ Dr. Anne Erwin, Principal, Beaverton High School

"This curriculum teaches skills a student will need for the rest of their life. We're seeing the impact throughout our entire community. I know it works. I've talked to students. I've talked with their parents."

"Builds skills to survive and thrive"

~ Matt Boring, Principal, Corvallis High School

"Build YOUR Roadmap provides the clarity and structure to help students (and adults) go down a meaningful path toward success."

"A lifelong curriculum"

~ Dallas Heard, Oregon Senator

"The compound interest of having these skills early on pays massive dividends."

The Process

Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome - Intro

    • Message from Jeff

    • Let's Get Started!

    • Quick Reminder

  • 2

    Defining Leadership

    • Let's Start with a Question...

    • What Great Leaders have in Common

    • Seven (7) Traits of Leadership

    • Leadership Starts with You

  • 3

    Transformative Moments

    • Transformative Moments

    • No Two People are the Same

    • Some Moments are Transformative

    • Example of a Transformative Moment

    • Why are Transformative Moments important?

    • When Transformative Moments happen

    • Leaders take Path Two

    • Build Confidence and Move Forward

    • The Confidence Formula

  • 4

    Unique Strengths

    • Unique Strengths Intro

    • The Four (4) Stages of Learning

    • We're always in a Stage of Learning

    • Let's get Honest

    • The Quickest Path

    • Starting from a Spot of Confidence

    • Let's Pause for a Moment

    • Your Unique Strength is your Foundation

    • Paying Attention to the Unique Strengths in Others

    • Unique Strength in Others

    • Unique Strengths - Take Away

  • 5

    Constructing Your Vision

    • Let's Talk about Vision

    • What is a Vision?

    • Why Having a Vision Matters

    • Fun Fact

    • Help Others Help You

    • Five Years from Today

    • Set a Timer for 11:33

    • Just Think

    • Your Vision

    • Download "My Roadmap"

    • Input 10-20 Vision Bullet Points

    • Good Work

  • 6

    Understanding Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • 3 Parts to our Brain

    • 3 Survival Instincts

    • Explore Your Fears

    • Fear Happens

    • Fears are Real - We all have Fears

    • Five Tips - Removing Fear for Others

    • Organize your Fears

    • Pfewww... Good Work

    • Fears, Quick Check-in

    • Enough on Fears

  • 7

    Crystallizing Your Vision

    • Is Your Vision Your Vision?

    • Are We Still Good?

    • Crystal Clear

  • 8

    Enrolling Others

    • Enrolling Others Overview

    • Enrollment Formula

    • Platinum Rule

    • Start with Questions

    • Who can you Enroll

  • 9


    • Vision vs. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example

    • Impact of Time

    • Setting Goals

    • Good Work on Goals

    • Goals - How You Feeling?

  • 10


    • What's Your Next Step?

    • When You Take a Step

    • Learning Never Stops

    • You Might Need to Update Your Plan

    • Focus on One Step at a Time

    • Your Next Step

  • 11

    Lessons for Leaders

    • Congrat's on Your Roadmap

    • Roadmap - Check In

    • Vision into Reality

  • 12

    Accountable or Victim

    • Problems and Opportunities

    • Life isn't Fair

    • Why our Behaviors Matter

    • Respected vs. Liked

    • Perception is Everything

    • Victim Behaviors

    • Accountable Behaviors

    • Thinkabout This

  • 13

    Choose Your Accident

    • Aligning Your Choices with Your Vision

    • Choices and Behaviors

  • 14

    Practice & Focus

    • 10,000 hours

    • Focus Your Practice

  • 15

    Appreciating the Moment

    • Every Moment is an Opportunity to Learn

    • What did You Learn?

  • 16

    Leadership & Confidence

    • Habits and Routines

    • Daily Routine and Habits

    • Your Ideal Daily Routine

    • Protect Your Confidence - Understanding Attitudes

    • Four Attitudes in Others

    • Indifference

    • Skepticism

    • Objection

    • Energy Givers

    • Thinkabout - Energy Givers

  • 17

    Gratitude & Peace

    • Say Thank You

    • Gratitude Template

    • 10 Things to be Grateful for

    • Let's Practice

  • 18

    Dream Big!

    • It's Fun to do the Impossible

    • Congratulations!

Course Leader: Jeff Otis

A dad, husband, leader, educator, visionary, author, coach, mentor and friend to many.

Jeff has conducted over 12,000 interviews with people representing all walks of life. He's led over 20,000 employees and has shared this curriculum with over 4,000 students representing 35 countries of origin. It all adds up to lots of people time and lots of lessons learned compiled into the "Build YOUR Roadmap" course.