You live in a world where information flows and your life is impacted at a far greater pace than any time in history. Your visibility to what's going on around the world has never been more transparent. Your feelings, thoughts, and emotions have never been more tested.

The same is true for those you lead.

Finally, a course focused on YOU!

You will learn:

  • How to confidently build, manage, and lead your team.
  • How to live a peaceful, fulfilling, and happy life full of purpose and success (however YOU define success).
  • How to be a better human, team leader, and attract opportunities.
  • How to achieve more than you ever imagined possible in less time.
  • What it means to "Lead with Confidence".

Ask yourself... does any of this sound familiar?

"I'm struggling to get everyone on the same page."

"I want to set goals our entire team can reach for.  How do I set goals that push our team the right way?"

"How can I create a culture with strong teamwork - especially with people who some of my team members find difficult to work with'?"

"I have no time!"

"I'm overwhelmed - there's so much to do."

"My team is freaking out.  They seem anxious and full of fear."

"What should my team members expect from me as a manager?"

"I'm not too sure I'm ready for a leadership role - I'm not sure if I have the abilities to lead."

Leadership is tough at times. 

As a leader, you are responsible for achieving the vision of your organization and working to grow your team.

Chances are one or more of the above is something you have seen, heard or felt.

You're not alone.

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Impact on Organizations

A couple young leaders share their thoughts...

Leaders feel fear.  Leaders make mistakes.

You may feel uncertain, anxious, under-qualified maybe, and not sure how to enroll in your vision of success. You may feel a sense of impostor syndrome sometimes.  Are you the right person for the job?

How do leaders in successful organizations do it? How do they command a room, a team, and the future success and planning of a company or team? How do they prioritize and stay organized?

Plus, they make it seem effortless, right?

How do they get past that "fake it until you make it" stage?

The fact is... No two people are the same.

No two people are the same.  No two leaders are the same.  

As a leader today, you're responsible for not only leading your team to meet organizational goals but also tasked with leading your team through arguably the most transformative time in the history of this world.

Each member of your team has learned from their unique experiences, moments and influences in their life.  Everyone faces "transformative" type moments and no two people react the same.

What you need as a leader is an easy and consistent process that builds confidence for you and your entire team.  A process in which everyone will grow as a leader.

When you can create consistency, you can create predictable results.

Leadership starts with YOU!

With so many responsibilities, emails, meetings, and decisions to make, you might feel like becoming a better leader isn't on your agenda. Sometimes, you wish everyone would figure out their problems and let you focus on your own.

However, today, building personal leadership skills is not a choice.  It's the difference between thriving and surviving.

And unfortunately, what you and your team need is not taught in school.

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Experience Daily Wins!

Empower yourself. Empower your team.

What's inside the "Lead with Confidence" course?

You will enjoy a mix of quick educational information coupled with practical exercises that will help you focus on identifying your unique strengths, creating a vision that's authentic to you, and your "built in" leadership style.

You'll identify goals and steps to accomplish that vision and become empowered with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision become a reality.

In the process, you will learn how to manage fears with increased confidence and reduce anxiety in the pursuit of your dreams.

When you have increased direction and confidence, that translates to your team and your effective leadership in pursuing and smashing your goals.

The Process

Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome - Intro

    • Message from Jeff

    • Let's Get Started!

    • Quick Reminder

  • 2

    Defining Leadership

    • Let's Start with a Question...

    • What Great Leaders have in Common

    • Seven (7) Traits of Leadership

    • Leadership Starts with You

  • 3

    Transformative Moments

    • Transformative Moments

    • No Two People are the Same

    • Some Moments are Transformative

    • Example of a Transformative Moment

    • Why are Transformative Moments important?

    • When Transformative Moments happen

    • Leaders take Path Two

    • Build Confidence and Move Forward

    • The Confidence Formula

  • 4

    Unique Strengths

    • Unique Strengths Intro

    • The Four (4) Stages of Learning

    • We're always in a Stage of Learning

    • Let's get Honest

    • The Quickest Path

    • Starting from a Spot of Confidence

    • Let's Pause for a Moment

    • Your Unique Strength is your Foundation

    • Paying Attention to the Unique Strengths in Others

    • Unique Strength in Others

    • Unique Strengths - Take Away

  • 5

    Constructing Your Vision

    • Let's Talk about Vision

    • What is a Vision?

    • Why Having a Vision Matters

    • Fun Fact

    • Help Others Help You

    • Three Years from Today

    • Set a Timer for 11:33

    • Just Think

    • Your Vision

    • Download "My Roadmap"

    • Input 10-20 Vision Bullet Points

    • Good Work

  • 6

    Understanding Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • 3 Parts to our Brain

    • 3 Survival Instincts

    • Explore Your Fears

    • Fear Happens

    • Fears are Real - We all have Fears

    • Five Tips - Removing Fear for Others

    • Organize your Fears

    • Pfewww... Good Work

    • Fears, Quick Check-in

    • Enough on Fears

  • 7

    Crystallizing Your Vision

    • Is Your Vision Your Vision?

    • Are We Still Good?

    • Crystal Clear

  • 8

    Enrolling Others

    • Enrolling Others Overview

    • Enrollment Formula

    • Platinum Rule

    • Start with Questions

    • Who can you Enroll

  • 9


    • Vision vs. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example

    • Impact of Time

    • Setting Goals

    • Good Work on Goals

    • Goals - How You Feeling?

  • 10


    • What's Your Next Step?

    • When You Take a Step

    • Learning Never Stops

    • You Might Need to Update Your Plan

    • Focus on One Step at a Time

    • Your Next Step

  • 11

    Lessons for Leaders

    • Congrat's on Your Roadmap

    • Roadmap - Check In

    • Vision into Reality

  • 12

    Accountable or Victim

    • Problems and Opportunities

    • Life isn't Fair

    • Why our Behaviors Matter

    • Respected vs. Liked

    • Perception is Everything

    • Victim Behaviors

    • Accountable Behaviors

    • Thinkabout This

  • 13

    Choose Your Accident

    • Aligning Your Choices with Your Vision

    • Choices and Behaviors

  • 14

    Practice & Focus

    • 10,000 hours

    • Focus Your Practice

  • 15

    Appreciating the Moment

    • Every Moment is an Opportunity to Learn

    • What did You Learn?

  • 16

    Leadership & Confidence

    • Habits and Routines

    • Daily Routine and Habits

    • Your Ideal Daily Routine

    • Protect Your Confidence - Understanding Attitudes

    • Four Attitudes in Others

    • Indifference

    • Skepticism

    • Objection

    • Energy Givers

    • Thinkabout - Energy Givers

  • 17

    Gratitude & Peace

    • Say Thank You

    • Gratitude Template

    • 10 Things to be Grateful for

    • Let's Practice

  • 18

    Dream Big!

    • It's Fun to do the Impossible

    • Congratulations!

Consider it a leader mindset "Bootcamp" that helps you:

  • Make the most of scarce time as a managing leader, with quality team management.
  • Make the most of meetings and 1:1 sessions.
  • Train your team based on their goals and visions.
  • Gather support and trust from team members in new projects, ideas, and feedback.
  • Build strength in collaboration potential between you and your team members.
  • Understand your employees and team members and their needs.
  • Define the existing and future scope of your team member's role.
  • Identify skill sets in yourself to collaborate with skill sets in others.
  • Hone communication with team members to meet them where and as they are.
  • Strengthen team player skills inside and out for your organization.
  • Reduce anxiety and fear.  Experience more wins!

Quickly achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

This course will make your job as a leader so much easier and will help you overcome the roadblocks that have been keeping you from reaching your highest potential.

When you finish the course, you'll gain...

  • An organized plan of action for you and your team to tackle goals + confidently remove stress from the equation.
  • A no-fluff "roadmap" (that's unique to you) with a rock-solid vision + actionable steps to immediately take to your team meetings.
  • An in-depth understanding of the four basic attitudes of team members and how best to take charge of each.
  • The ability to quickly spot behaviors that help and hinder accountability and how you can effectively "flip the switch"
  • An understanding of your strength and how you can cleverly leverage this in your team building and scaling.
  • A clear-cut understanding of your success with crystallized details.


You and your team are confident and headed in a common direction.  You better understand yourself inside and out as a leader.  You have clear goals that you and your team are excited to crush.  

You walk with a confidence and a mindset to succeed without fears and doubts getting in the way.  You feel organized, prioritized and you're moving with intent.

The right people and solutions are consistently lining up at the right time. Your purpose is clear.  You and your team are motivated to move forward.

The sky is the limit for you.

So... if you've got this far, let me ask you...

Do you want to level up you confidence as a leader?  (No anxiety, no uncertainty, and no fear involved.)

Are you ready to lead your team with confidence and inspire everyone around you? 

What people are saying...

"I discovered my purpose"

~Betsy, a business executive

"I use the steps in this course every day leading one of the fastest growing companies in the country."

"This course forces you to pause and critically think."

~ Katy, a community leader

"I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for strategy to find meaningful direction and make big things happen."

"I figured out my Unique Strengths"

~ Kenzie, a young leader

"The course helped me create a vision that I'm passionate about pursuing. I feel like I'm now on a path to reaching my ultimate self."

"Increased focus and self-awareness"

~ Blake, a young leader

"This curriculum helps you to focus and pursue your dreams."

"Incredibly Motivating"

~ Alison, a business leader

"This completely reframed how I think about my future and what's possible."

"Skills for the 21st Century"

~ Dr. Erwin, a community leader

"This curriculum teaches skills an individual will need for the rest of their life. We're seeing the impact throughout our entire community."

"Builds skills to survive and thrive"

~ Matt, a community leader

"This course provides the clarity and structure to help individuals go down a meaningful path toward success."

"A lifelong course"

~ Dallas, an Oregon Senator

"The compound interest of having these skills early on pays massive dividends."

Hi, I'm Jeff Otis

I appreciate you taking a moment to read through this page. My marketing team told me that this long page would be helpful for interested leaders. I promise that nowhere in the course do we have this much reading.

As a dad, husband, leader, educator, visionary, author, coach, mentor and friend to many, I know what it means to be a leader, lead effectively, and do so with confidence.

I spent years conducting over 12,000 interviews with people representing all walks of life, connecting with over 180,000 business leaders around the country, and I learned the hard lessons of leadership through the process of overseeing over 20,000 employees.

I learned the value of a cohesive team with seamless teamwork in being a part of 21 championship teams growing up.  I've been fortunate to have been surrounded by great mentors, leaders, and coaches my entire life.

I learned the leadership lessons that worked like a charm as we led three companies to being voted a "Best Company to Work For" and while leading two companies for 14 years on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing list.

It's all added up to lots of people time, lots of teamwork, and lots of lessons learned from great leaders compiled into this signature "Lead with Confidence" course.

I invite you to take a run through the course.  I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Thank You!

A wise person once told me... 

Great leaders "manage" process and "lead" people.  

This course is focused on leading yourself and those around you to achieve more than you ever imagined possible, AND doing it as it fits with your strengths, connections, and attitudes.

You'll be introduced to a process that you can easily manage.

You'll be inspired with insights, concepts, and philosophies, that will help you to lead with confidence.

We've worked hard to package this in a simple, streamlined learning experience that can be tackled easily - even with your busy calendar!

Have some fun with this!

There is no right or wrong to this course. The process introduced is designed to grow and evolve with you and your team.

Within the "Lead with Confidence" course, you will experience a process with a tangible output (your "Roadmap") that you can immediately put into action.

You will learn some of the best secrets to unlocking leadership potential, whether you're new to leading others or are seeking to train and build your current skill set and confidence to grow and scale even more! 

Are you ready to lead with confidence?

Let's Get Started!