Transformational Leadership Training Unlike Anything You've Experienced Before

You will learn to:

  • Effectively lead yourself and others in today's complex world.
  • Manage transformative times with confidence.
  • Inspire and empower those around you.
  • Connect, motivate and move your team to action.
  • Experience more daily wins in life and work.

16 Modules - A Unique Experience

The foundation of this game-changing experience is a series of quick lessons and exercises that build on each other. Here's a sneak peek:

    1. Message from Jeff

    2. Let's Get Started!

    3. Quick Reminder

    1. Let's Start with a Question...

    2. What Great Leaders have in Common

    3. Seven (7) Traits of Leadership

    4. Leadership Starts with You

    1. Transformative Moments

    2. No Two People are the Same

    3. Some Moments are Transformative

    4. Example of a Transformative Moment

    5. Why are Transformative Moments important?

    6. When Transformative Moments happen

    7. Leaders take Path Two

    8. Build Confidence and Move Forward

    9. The Confidence Formula

    1. Unique Strengths Intro

    2. The Four (4) Stages of Learning

    3. We're always in a Stage of Learning

    4. Let's get Honest

    5. The Quickest Path

    6. Starting from a Spot of Confidence

    7. Let's Pause for a Moment

    8. Your Unique Strength is your Foundation

    9. Paying Attention to the Unique Strengths in Others

    10. Unique Strength in Others

    11. Unique Strengths - Take Away

    1. Let's Talk about Vision

    2. What is a Vision?

    3. Why Having a Vision Matters

    4. Fun Fact

    5. Help Others Help You

    6. Three Years from Today

    7. Set a Timer for 11:33

    8. Just Think

    9. Your Vision

    10. Copy the "My Roadmap" Template

    11. Download the "My Roadmap" Template

    12. Input 10-20 Vision Bullet Points

    13. Good Work

    1. Ego, Fears and Motivations

    2. 3 Parts to our Brain

    3. 3 Survival Instincts

    4. Explore Your Fears

    5. Fear Happens

    6. Fears are Real - We all have Fears

    7. Five Tips - Removing Fear for Others

    8. Organize your Fears

    9. Pfewww... Good Work

    10. Fears, Quick Check-in

    11. Enough on Fears

  • A 16-Step learning experience designed for those ready to Lead with Confidence in today's world!
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The Impact of Project OTY on Business Leaders and Teams


Over 1,000 Quotes and Testimonials

The Project OTY process is "ground zero" for any corporate leadership program.

Paul Staples, PhD | Corporate Learning and Development Specialist

[Project OTY] made me think about the big picture in ways that I don't often take time to do."

Gerald S. | EVP, Cuebiq

This program will help you start the process toward significant achievement by helping you identify and take action on your big vision and goals.

Kevin Ames | Founder, Ames Leadership Institute

I use the Project OTY process and steps every day leading one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Betsy Reed | Co-founder & VP, CloudWerx

[Project OTY] improves the way you relate to others and how to work toward self-improvement.

Alessandro G. | Senior Site Reliability Engineer

This is literally the quickest path to getting yourself and your team in a winning mindset.

Alison M. | Operations Director, Adpearance

Project OTY centers you and gives you a clear plan and steps that are unique to you. You feel more motivated than ever.

Molly Olson | Sr. Client Success Manager, Foureyes


  • How much time should I or my team expect to spend on the program? What’s the duration?

    The content is designed to last a lifetime. There are about 16 modules to get through in this learning journey. We see individuals move through in about 2-3 weeks (some have finished in a weekend). Business teams should anticipate moving through in a 4-6 week timeframe. Some move quicker. The program is flexible to your organization or team’s schedule and can be completed in spending 10-15 minutes a day or roughly 60-90 minutes per week. Most say it takes them a few hours to get through the entire process depending how long they pause for critical thought with some of the exercises. This process will cause you to pause and think deep. We encourage you and your team members to spend the time you need to think and then jump back in when you are ready to continue.

  • How do you protect employee data?

    We abide by strict cybersecurity standards to encrypt and de-identify user data. We do not sell user data to third parties.

  • What if I already do training or work with OKR's or goal-setting programs?

    While there are many programs that tell you "what" to do or "why" you should do something, we're focused on the "how" that leads to personal leadership breakthroughs. The "Lead with Confidence" program is designed to compliment whatever it is you are already doing. This training program provides a holistic perspective empowering leaders to strengthen their self-awareness and perception to more effectively lead themselves and the team.

  • What can I expect from this?

    Common side effects include a more motivated and aligned team, an increase in individual performance, laser-like focus, increased social and emotional intelligence (aka better leaders) and better results.

When you have finished the program...

Let's discuss the 3 ways your team can experience Project OTY

  • Online

    Our signature Lead with Confidence program is designed for team leaders. Our signature Build YOUR Roadmap program is designed for employees. Both are designed for scale. We can discuss the best fit for your organization once you have completed the Lead with Confidence program for yourself.

  • Offline

    Best for small groups, in-person team-building retreats and seminars. We offer our Build YOUR Roadmap workbook for employees (available in English and Spanish), and our Leaders Manual to support executives, managers, and trainers in their work to lead others.

  • Workshops

    Ideal for organizations and teams of any size that want to accelerate team leadership development in a 1-2 day workshop experience. We offer virtual and in-person workshop options that are customized to your organization's needs and goals.