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The Impact of Project OTY on Young Business Leaders and Teams


Why should someone consider participating in the Project OTY experience?

Why not! So many reasons to - get ownership of your life, better understand yourself (behaviors, fears, etc.), build positive and productive habits, build connections around you, heighten mindfulness and gratitude, and become intentional about your life and set goals to make your dreams come true.

Gregory Peterson | Supervisor of Learning & Development at O.C. Tanner

Great Leadership Matters

Empowering your staff to grow as leaders, good humans, and to live their life with confidence is no longer an option.  Today, it is the difference between organizations that are good and those that are great.

Help your team optimally self-manage in a 24/7 digital world.

Today’s world is testing your team's feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Inspire your team with the critical knowledge needed to create a future-focused mindset that moves the needle on your bottom line, and in their lives.

Depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. How much is it costing you?

(Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness)

An interactive journey building confidence, motivation and focus.

Through 16 engaging lessons and exercises, employees gain personal leadership skills, critical motivational tools, and a personalized Roadmap. It’s holistic personal leadership training unlike any training program, resulting in your team feeling confident, inspired, and focused.

Craft a foundation to better connect with and lead employees.

Team leaders and the team share this transformational leadership journey to develop a peaceful, productive, and accountable work culture. Hone confidence, trust, and alignment with employees by truly mastering communication and change management. 

Visibility to lead with confidence.

When retention is up, turnover is down, and you are growing, you know you have a winning team that attracts people that align with your culture. We provide you the needed insight to support your team with confidence.  Your team will see their future with you while making you better aware of who you are leading -  all to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

“This program will help you start the process toward significant achievement by helping you identify and take action on your big vision.”

Kevin Ames | Founder at Ames Leadership Institute

16 Modules - A Unique Experience

The foundation of the Project OTY experience is a series of quick lessons and exercises that build on each other. Here's a sneak peek.

  • 1

    Welcome - Intro

    • Message from Jeff

    • Let's Get Started!

    • Quick Reminder

  • 2

    Defining Leadership

    • Let's Start with a Question...

    • What Great Leaders have in Common

    • Seven (7) Traits of Leadership

    • Leadership Starts with You

  • 3

    Transformative Moments

    • Transformative Moments

    • No Two People are the Same

    • Some Moments are Transformative

    • Example of a Transformative Moment

    • Why are Transformative Moments important?

    • When Transformative Moments happen

    • Leaders take Path Two

    • Build Confidence and Move Forward

    • The Confidence Formula

  • 4

    Unique Strengths

    • Unique Strengths Intro

    • The Four (4) Stages of Learning

    • We're always in a Stage of Learning

    • Let's get Honest

    • The Quickest Path

    • Starting from a Spot of Confidence

    • Let's Pause for a Moment

    • Your Unique Strength is your Foundation

    • Paying Attention to the Unique Strengths in Others

    • Unique Strength in Others

    • Unique Strengths - Take Away

  • 5

    Constructing Your Vision

    • Let's Talk about Vision

    • What is a Vision?

    • Why Having a Vision Matters

    • Fun Fact

    • Help Others Help You

    • Three Years from Today

    • Set a Timer for 11:33

    • Just Think

    • Your Vision

    • Copy the "My Roadmap" Template

    • Download the "My Roadmap" Template

    • Input 10-20 Vision Bullet Points

    • Good Work

  • 6

    Understanding Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • Ego, Fears and Motivations

    • 3 Parts to our Brain

    • 3 Survival Instincts

    • Explore Your Fears

    • Fear Happens

    • Fears are Real - We all have Fears

    • Five Tips - Removing Fear for Others

    • Organize your Fears

    • Pfewww... Good Work

    • Fears, Quick Check-in

    • Enough on Fears

  • 7

    Crystallizing Your Vision

    • Is Your Vision Your Vision?

    • Are We Still Good?

    • Crystal Clear

  • 8

    Enrolling Others

    • Enrolling Others Overview

    • Enrollment Formula

    • Platinum Rule

    • Start with Questions

    • Who can you Enroll

  • 9


    • Vision vs. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Example

    • Impact of Time

    • Setting Goals

    • Good Work on Goals

    • Goals - How You Feeling?

  • 10


    • What's Your Next Step?

    • When You Take a Step

    • Learning Never Stops

    • You Might Need to Update Your Plan

    • Focus on One Step at a Time

    • Your Next Step

  • 11

    Lessons for Leaders

    • Congrat's on Your Roadmap

    • Roadmap - Check In

    • Vision into Reality

  • 12

    Accountable or Victim

    • Problems and Opportunities

    • Life isn't Fair

    • Why our Behaviors Matter

    • Respected vs. Liked

    • Perception is Everything

    • Victim Behaviors

    • Accountable Behaviors

    • Thinkabout This

  • 13

    Choose Your Accident

    • Aligning Your Choices with Your Vision

    • Choices and Behaviors

  • 14

    Practice & Focus

    • 10,000 hours

    • Focus Your Practice

  • 15

    Appreciating the Moment

    • Every Moment is an Opportunity to Learn

    • What did You Learn?

  • 16

    Leadership & Confidence

    • Habits and Routines

    • Copy the "My Ideal Routine" Template

    • Download the "My Ideal Routine" Template

    • Your Ideal Daily Routine

    • Protect Your Confidence - Understanding Attitudes

    • Four Attitudes in Others

    • Indifference

    • Skepticism

    • Objection

    • Energy Givers

    • Thinkabout - Energy Givers

  • 17

    Gratitude & Peace

    • Say Thank You

    • Copy the "Gratitude" Template

    • Download the "Gratitude" Template

    • 10 Things to be Grateful for

    • Let's Practice

  • 18

    Dream Big!

    • It's Fun to do the Impossible

    • Congratulations!

“Project OTY centers you and gives you a clear plan and steps that are unique to you. You feel more motivated than ever.”

Molly Olson | Business Professional


  • How much time should I or my team expect to spend on the program? What’s the duration?

    The content is designed to last a lifetime. There are about 16 modules to get through on the path to Building YOUR Roadmap. We see individuals move through in about 2-3 weeks (some have finished in a weekend). Business teams should anticipate moving through in a 4-6 week timeframe. Some move quicker. The program is flexible to your organization or business team’s schedule and can be completed in spending 10-15 minutes a day or roughly 60-90 minutes per week, or 6-8 hours in a weekend. This process will cause you to pause and think deep. We encourage you and your team members to spend the time you need to think and then jump back in when you are ready to continue. After moving through the lessons you’ll be able to edit, update and interact with your Roadmap, view your personalized Resources, and review Lesson Recaps at your own pace.

  • What are my expectations as a Team Leader, HR Professional, Executive or Business Owner in delivering this framework?

    Build Your Roadmap is a self-directed framework to complement existing training and initiatives of a team and organization. The framework requires little guidance and no external delivery of information or training on the part of a business leader. We make increasing confidence, developing personal leadership and creating an organizational culture of accountability - a walk in the park. Try it for yourself and be amazed at your team’s transformation.

  • How do you protect employee data?

    We abide by strict cybersecurity standards to encrypt and de-identify user data. We do not sell user data to third parties.

  • What can I expect from this?

    Common side effects include a more motivated and aligned team, an increase in individual performance, laser-like focus, increased social and emotional intelligence (aka better leaders) and better results.